Baby Rice Pudding

Rice pudding

I was lurking in the yoghurt aisle of the supermarket, as you do, looking at the sugar content of baby yoghurts and desserts.  Revolting, sugar, water, preservatives and a little more sugar for good luck.  The only thing I found to meet my impossibly high specification was the Plum Organic fromage frais, sweetened only with natural fruit pulp.  That went in the shopping trolly, but while I was there I took note of some flavor combinations and pudding ideas to try and re-create at home.

The latest addition…£1 for two pots of Ellas rice pudding.  You what?!  Surely I could do that myself.  Now I haven’t made rice pudding for many years, since an attempt that even the birds refused to ingest…So here goes.

Makes approx 300ml of rice pudding (5 small portions for my guy)

50g pudding rice
500ml milk
1 thin strip of orange or lemon peel
dash of vanilla extract

Pop it all in a saucepan, bring to the boil, remove the peel and then simmer on low for 40ish minutes or until most of the water is absorbed.  Hey presto!

Leave to cool and divide up as you wish.  Mine went into some breast milk storage pots ready to freeze.  Use within a month and heat until piping hot throughout.

Was it worth the burnt milk on the hob and the impossible to clean saucepan.  As I stacked up the little pots I wondered how can one saucepan of rice pudding bring so much satisfaction, I am a bit of a geek like that.

I did ummm and ahhh over to freeze or not to freeze the rice.  Rice is notorious for breeding bacteria if not used within a reasonable time, but I use my own judgement and finish the pots on the day I defroste them, if any of it makes it to the freezer and I haven’t finished the lot!


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