Oil Cleansing Method


Neals Yard Grapeseed Oil

Since his birth I have been using organic cold pressed grapeseed oil on my little guy to massage and moisturise his body after bath time.  I wish someone would do this for me after my every bath time!  As always, the amount of research I did to choose this particular oil was totally irrational, but I do so love to research.

I chose grapeseed oil over olive oil, sunflower oil or sweet almond oil for lots of reasons.  I wanted an oil high in linoleic acid to lock the moisture in to his skin.  Olive oil for example has high levels of oleic acid which over time can let moisture out and dry the skin.  I also wanted an oil not derived from a nut kernel so I avoided sweet almond or peach kernel oil, just to keep in line with nut allergy warnings.


Grapeseed was my final choice.  It has been a lovely choice, inexpensive and totally natural.  So lovely and natural that I started to wonder if I could use it myself.

I have been using a few drops in the evening to moisturise my own face, massaging it in while watching Eastenders, doing my own version of some kid of lymphatic draining massage like I had with my pre-wedding facial. (I will do a bit more research into this soon.)

My face is definitely much softer, much smoother in texture (my main worry) and definitely more even in tone.

Then  a friend mentioned the oil cleansing method.  I studied intensely before starting the routine myself.  It is totally addictive,  I’ve got my friends hooked too.

Heres how to do it.

Take a 50 pence sized pool of oil in your palm.  Warm it between your hands.  Slop it all over your face and massage massage massage and massage some more.  5 minutes slow and purposeful massaging if you can handle it.

Now I do this whilst relaxing in front of Corrie, but for the true holistic experience, put a candle on, get all meditative and envision your beautiful skin emerging while doing the massage.

Then snap out of your meditative state and smother yourself under the heat of a wet hot face cloth.  Steam open those pores and wipe the oil away.  Repeat the steam and wipe until all the oil is removed.

I think a couple of times a week is good for the oil cleanse, any more and it seems to occasionally dry out patches of skin.

Give it a go, how do you find it?


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