Good Stuff…Organic Babies Soothing Baby Salve

Green People

Green People Soothing Baby Salve

As I mentioned here, a bit too much research went into choosing the right oil to moisturise my little guys baby soft skin.  The final choice was grapeseed oil, high in linoleic acid for moisture control, perfect for locking in moisture after a bath, and light and thin so my little wriggler wouldn’t become a total snake in a towel!

We were getting along famously until the cold weather really set in, his face was getting chapped with all his teething dribble, and his never before dry skin started to feel rough with the central heating cranking away and the warmer bath water.


Neals Yard Organic Grapeseed OIl

Rough skin!  Of course total panic and chaos followed, and so the search was on for something heavy duty but natural at the same time, to banish the bit of rough and restore good old baby buns.

I really just wanted a moisturising lotion or body cream, but checking the ingredients on the back of the bottles and tubes of seemingly natural, baby friendly products, I kept finding those little nasties.  Things I try and avoid on my own skin, like dimethicone, why would I want them on his skin?

Green people have a range called Organic Babies, I have used green people in the past and been really pleased with its quality, so I was excited to see the soothing baby salve with no SLS, detergents parabens, lanolin, phthalates, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals and colourants

When it arrived I struggled to work the locking cap, talk about kid proof! Three people and half an hour later I figured it out and the next challenge to squeeze the stuff from the tube began.  It was almost impossible, a really thick worm of salve worked its way out…not quite what I had expected.

Actually, as the balm has warmed up in the bedroom, it became super easy to squeezy.  The balm is like a semi solid oil (think olive oil when it gets really cold and goes hard and white) but between your palms it melts into a velvety thick gorgeous smelling oily salve.

You can smooth it literally everywhere, baby’s hands, face, body and bottom, mum’s cracked nipples, even poor old dad’s dry hands from all the washing up!  I am totally converted.  And because it is water-resistant it actually protects against the dribble or the dampness when your baby has nappy rash

It also says it is suitable for adults who are be prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, but there are one or two possible irritants in the ingredients list that would make me use it with caution on really sensitive skin, but no worse than you would find in a tube of E45 cream.

So for those who love a bit of scientific ingredient analysis, here is the list of lots of lovely skin conditioning and soothing ingredients with some explanations.

HELIANTHUS ANNUUS Sunflower seed oil
ELAEIS GUINEENSIS Palm oil, skin conditioning emollient
CETEARYL OLIVATE An emulsifier, from olive oil
SORBITAN OLIVATE An emulsifier, from olive oil
CALENDULA OFFICINALIS Marigold flower extract, skin conditioning and scent
AROMA LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA Lavender oil, skin conditioning and scent
LAVANDULA HYBRIDA Lavander oil, skin conditioning and scent
LINALOOL Naturally occurring chemical used for scent
LIMONENE Naturally occurring chemical used for scent


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