Kinda Crunchy

Mum with a baby sling on kitchen

It turns out I’m kind of a crunchy mum, not as crunchy as the crunchiest of mums, but heading towards it fast!!

Who knew? I didn’t even realise how crunchy I was until I learned what it means and the principles it stands for.  I feel lucky that I am able to take the crunchy path and raise my little guy in the healthiest and safest way I know of.  It has been with the support of my family, when sleeping and breastfeeding have been hard, when my decisions and choices have been different to what they may have known, and for getting on board when my most crunchy moments arose that we are all a little bit more crunchy than we used to be.

So crunchy parenting originates from crunchy granola and the healthy hippie lifestyle that might be associated with it.  That’s a pretty bad definition, and the meaning of it is much broader than that.  For me I guess it is an extension of attachment parenting, and adds another level of trying to live a clean, natural, healthy, organic, unmedicated lifestyle.  I am no hippy, I am a modern, intelligent and informed woman.  I also love technology and science and education, and I think it is for these reason that I can make informed choices and decisions to live in a more natural way.

Here is what makes me kind of cruncy…

I’m a breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping mum.  I tried to cloth diaper but it ended in tears.  I don’t believe in crying it out. We try to be medicine free, plastic free and diaper free when we can.  I birthed natural and I delayed the cord clampers.  I cook as local and organic as possible, from scratch, everyday unless using up the leftovers!  I hate waste, always do my best to re-use, but I’m still trying harder to reduce in the first place.  And watch out, I might inflict one of my home made gifts on you if you are really unlucky!


New use for the sling!

I make several rods for my own back every day (as people keep telling me), and will continue to do so for as long as my little guy is a baby…it won’t be that long after all!


5 thoughts on “Kinda Crunchy

  1. jillwojslaw

    I also find that I’m considered a “crunchy mom” but I’m not a crunch woman. I wear make up, I watch reality tv shows, I go to starbucks. But that wont stop me from wanting to do whats best for my baby.

      1. Valerie

        Great, I look forward to reading about your experience! 🙂 Sure, you can publish it to your blog, linking back to me, when it’s complete!

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