Pedicures, Pampering And Preening Before Pushing

Pink pedicure

Today I had my first pedicure since the birth of the little guy.  What a luxury.  I keep looking at my crimson toes and my matching rubicund nails.  I feel like I have been transformed into Sharon Stone with nothing more than the flick of a brush! So glamorous!

I can barely keep a coat of clear varnish on my nails these days, so submerged in water my hands are.  Gone are the days of my elegantly long talons since I failed to unbuckle the kid from his car seat!  But I felt such a mess, drastic action was needed to salvage my suffering extremities, so I was super excited when a friend organised a group pamper day for the girls.

Pampering, with the babies dipping their hands into the foot spa and trying to chew their way into nail varnish bottles, it’s not quite like it used to be.  But it definitely feels like a totally extravagant treat, albeit slightly clouded by my constant guilt about abandoning Grandma with the the baby.  (Thank you Grandma very much…did you get this far in reading my blog!?)

Anyway, I was reminded of those last few weeks before giving birth.  Talk amongst the expectant mums in the yoga studio was all hairdos and waxing, I remember admiring a gel pedicure on one girl at my NHS antenatal class and thinking I really needed to up my game.  Even my husband tried to hint not too subtly by sending me for a spa day…OK it was an anniversary gift, but I am sure it was a hint if you know what I mean.

Why is it after the nesting and the nursery decorating and the packing of the hospital bag, the pedicure is the next thing on the to do list in those last days before giving birth.  It even appears on those semi-official pregnancy website lists…20 things do before giving birth, 10 things to do before giving birth, it even makes it into the top 5 things to do before giving birth…it is that important for you to get this pedicure!

Beyonce did it, I’m guessing all the celebs do it, I knew I had to do it!

I’m surprised it doesn’t make an appearance in the hospital photos…introducing our new baby, and my lovely new pedicure.

Actually I wonder if it gives you just a little more confidence when giving birth.  That sounds kind of terrible doesn’t it, but when everything else disappears in a blaze of undignified and primal birthing, do we really need the added stress of worrying who can see our dry and cracked heels and chipped varnish.  For me, I think it was a bit of a last hurrah, a final farewell to personal grooming for just a little while, like it was going to get me through those sleepless nights and baggy eyes, safe in the knowledge that my feet were pretty.

Maybe I am reading too much into the pedi.

Maybe I just like feeling a bit Sharon Stone-y!


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