Busy Doing Nothing Useful!

First attempt at making a sling

First attempt at making a sling

True to my Piscean nature, my blogging endeavours lasted only a few weeks before the all to familiar itch to try something new was upon me.

I love to try my hand at everything, but I have always been unable to stick with anything!

I became completely obsessed when starting this blog, I relished the learning process to get it started, I love all the technical details behind the home page…and then I got sidetracked…

It all began with some very restless nights, possibly teething, more probably a growth spurt or a developmental leap? I like to concentrate when I am writing or researching and it just wasn’t possible with a wailing baby raring to play at 9pm and wanting to feed every hour or two! So to save my frustration with the little guy pawing at my computer screen, I put the lap top away to concentrate on him.

That’s when my brain started plotting its next adventure! I am not used to being at home and not having a job, I love being a stay at home mum, but I have a desire to create all the time, usually ending in disaster.

In my two week blog absence I have:

Decided to start making and selling ring slings (Goodnight Mush I blame you for starting me on this one!!)

Started planning a baby bottle manufacturing business (don’t ask)

Turned my ring sling prototype into a pair of trousers (the sling business didn’t last obviously)

Queen of the zip fly!

Made summer shorts from all the little guys too short trousers (he won’t thank me for them, and the sunshine only lasted for a few days anyway)

Started a mad search for dressmaking fabric to make a new pair of trousers, and mastered the zip fly (one of my greater achievements)

Even as everything in the list remains unfinished I am planning to make a summer dress with some lovely aqua fabric I found at home. I just can’t see anything through to completion! It’s becoming a problem!!

So my intention with this post is really to get me back in the writing mood, let’s hope it works, because I really need to step away from the sewing machine before I think I can wear one of these monstrous creations out on the streets!!!


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