Manuka On My Face…Mmmmm


This one is courtesy of my oldest friend and fellow healthy wannabe. She has been pestering me with a sticky spoon of manuka honey for ages now, and I finally splashed out on a rather pricey jar of the best stuff I could find. Steens manuka 15+ honey, don’t tell my other half it cost over £20!

So I’m sitting here with a honey and cinnamon concoction on my face, which is surprisingly tingly, trying to so sort out my depressingly hormonal skin.

One of the nicest side effects during my pregnancy was super clear, spot free, healthy skin. Sadly, nine months after giving birth, the hormones have got the better of my face and I am once again at the mercy of those annoying hormonal outbreaks that have always plagued my face.

Honey has long been a family staple in our home, local honey especially, we use it on insect bites, stings, and cuts. But Manuka honey has extra special powers, and it has become big news recently.


Honey face mask instructions.

It isn’t rocket science, take a teaspoon of honey and smooth it all over a clean face, leave for as long as possible (20 minutes to 1 hour) before washing of gently with warm water.

Alternatively, like I have been doing, mix the honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder before using it, The cinnamon has a natural antibacterial effect as well as being rich in antioxidants, so combined it makes a fantastic natural face mask perfect for treating and preventing acne, and reducing redness and inflammation.

English: A native New Zealand bee (probably Le...

A native New Zealand bee visits a manuka flower. Photo taken on Tiritiri Matangi Island. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why manuka honey?

All honey has antibacterial properties in the form of hydrogen peroxide, but these properties are destroyed easily by heat and light and body fluids. Manuka honey has an additional antimicrobial action that is much more resistant to heat or light or even body fluids making it invaluable in therapeutic use…like my honey face mask.

Manuka honey is from the native New Zealand manuka tree, and the extra special properties of the honey from the nectar of this tree is measured in UMF’s, a unique manuka factor.

UMF is the registered name and trademark of UMF® Honey Association and can be used only by licensed users who meet set criteria which includes the monitoring and auditing of honey quality. The New Zealand Honey industry (UMF Honey Association) has registered UMF as a trademark to ensure the activity of manuka honey and health benefits possible cannot be misrepresented.

An UMF rating of 10+ is the level at which the honey may be classed as active and is the level at which it may become beneficial for therapeutic use, it is the level at which a face mask may be able to wage war on my problem skin…here’s hoping!


The following uses are from the Steens website:

5+ – This rating is recommended as a maintenance honey. (Not for therapeutic use).

10+ – Is considered as maintenance for the immune system and daily treatment of digestive ailments.

15+ – Is considered to be high in antibacterial levels and recommended for treatment of ulcers, strep throat, cold sores, digestion, burns, skin infections, cuts and abrasions.

20+ – This is a potent honey with superior levels of activity. It is recommended for direct application for wound healing, such as burns, ulcers, pressure sores, staph infections (proving to be effective against MRSA). Perfect for digestive health, where smaller amounts of honey can be consumed due to its potency.

Chosing a good manuka honey.

  • Make sure UMF® is clearly stated on the front label.
  • Make sure it is produced, packaged and labelled in New Zealand.
  • It is from a New Zealand company licensed by the UMF Honey Association to use the name UMF.
  • Make sure it has the UMF licensee’s name on the front label.
  • Ensure it has a rating of UMF 10+ or more.

Once you have your honey, start using it! Eat it, sweeten your tea with it, stick some on your face, and see what it does for you.

If you already use it, do you have any other ideas for natural remedies, or things it has helped you with? Let me know.

Check out my other natural skin care ideas…oil cleansing and natural sunscreens.


16 thoughts on “Manuka On My Face…Mmmmm

  1. moshe rafael and eliyafa

    Great article, honey is wonderful for your skin, especially acne. I have read that it also helps with acne scars. My family has a big laugh to see what food product I’ll be smearing on my face next…but after using only homemade cosmetics for over 12 years my skin has gone from totally problematic to completely smooth and balanced so I guess I’ll have the last laugh!

    1. wildandwisdom Post author

      Wow. Amazing to hear your success with natural skin care! I wish I had known of such a natural healer for acne when I was younger, it is a really troubling problem as a teenager or adult, one that you throw a lot of harsh chemicals and antibiotics at. I hope others can be inspired by natures remedies!!

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