Top Mommy Blogger And A Blog Spring Clean.


Good old Atlantamomofthree has inspired me again!  Check out her blog for some great family life blogging and some inspiration of your own.  This time she has inspired me to get networking again, to take another look at how to spread the science, get new readers to join in with the discussions and to have a good old clean up of my side bar and articles to make it easier for you to explore the older, but still relevant posts.

Goodness, it has proved more than a little time consuming!

When I first started this blog just five months ago, apart from my family and two friends, I didn’t tell a soul.  I never announced it to my Facebook acquaintances, I never did a mass mailing to my contacts list and I never told any of my oldest or newest close friends.  I wanted people to find me and my information because it was what they were looking for, not because they felt obliged to follow me.  My interest in breastfeeding may be an acquired taste for some, and I didn’t want to offend, or make my bottle feeding friends feel like I was on a personal attack of their choices.

So it has been a slow process.  I am working on adding a Pinterest (work in progress) page to my Facebook and Twitter pages which are up and running already.  Feel free to have a look at them too.

I am proud of my 92 and counting followers, it’s small but definitely not insignificant to me.  So thank you all for reading.

The giant Top Mommy Blogger badge is a little out of character for me, but after learning what a great resource it is for reaching a new audience I had to give it a go.  It is a human edited, mommy blog directory to help you discover new mommy blogs, and bring to new readers to your own blog.

It is a ranked list though…so here is my appeal, once a day while you are browsing my blog, click the small badge in the sidebar, or the GIANT badge at the top of this post.  One click = one vote.  You can do it whenever you visit, but just once a day.

No pressure though.

Thank you!  That’s all!


4 thoughts on “Top Mommy Blogger And A Blog Spring Clean.

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