Homemade Non-Toxic Paint For Crafty Toddlers!


Now I don’t suppose there is anything wrong with a bottle of paint from the craft store, kids the world over have been painting anything and everything with it, tasting it and treading it into cream carpets in many a home.  But there is something so satisfying in making your own paint, a smug arty glow before the kids have even begun to create their own masterpieces!

I have always ben a bit of a scientist at heart, so I guess that cooking up some cornstarch paint is my bit of messy play before the little guy gets stuck in.

It is so simple to make, it washes off little hands so easily, and it is totally non toxic and edible (not tasty) so kids of all ages can join in…even the ones who just want to taste the brushes and sample the bright colours!  Along with the basic cornstarch and water mix, I used some natural food colourings from the supermarket, these contain paprika, tumeric and spirulina to get their vibrancy so I felt comfortable that everything was mouth friendly.

How to make the paint…

1/2 cup cornstarch/cornflower
2-4 cups water
Colouring of your choice

Add the cornstarch to a pan and slowly add 2 cups of water to make a smooth mixture.

Begin to heat the mixture, gently stirring.

As the mixture starts to turn lumpy, remove from the heat but continue to stir until a smooth, thick, gloopy mixture is made.

Slowly mix in 1-2 extra cups of cold water to thin the mixture to the desired consistency.  You can use it as a very thick paste to paint and squish with your fingers, but we like it a little thinner for brushes and sponges.

Divide into separate containers and stir in desired colours.

We covered the table with some plastic sheeting and set out brushes, paper, cardboad etc…


Then you just need to add a kid!!  Or two!!



The quantities left plenty to be stored for a rainy day…but use it within a week.



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