My Own Kitchen Helper

Pinterest is such an inspiring platform, from toddler activities to hair-do ideas, home crafting, cake baking and room decorating, one pin leads you on a journey of discovery to as many ideas as your brain can handle. I am a little hooked!

While I was searching for montessori style practical life ideas, I spotted something in the background of one kitchen. It was a wooden step stool on a grand scale, like a personal kiddie castle, enclosed on all sides and perfect for raising any little guy to task alongside you in safety in the kitchen.

After a little Googling, I found the exact stepping stool in question.

The The Learning Tower by Little Partners.

At £100 ($200) it seemed a little expensive, maybe there was a more reasonably priced alternative.

…A little more Googling and I realised it was a fairly unique product.  A few other products, like the FunPod by Little Helper, the Guidecraft Kitchen Helper,  were almost as expensive as the Learning Tower, but in my opinion, not terribly attractive.

But I wanted one now, should I buy it?

Of course not…

Not when there is MDF in the world!

DIY isn’t my strong point, I like to think it is, but it is a bit like baking, I try really hard and the results never reflect my efforts. But I am determined to make this work, the wood is cut, it is laid out ready for assembly, I am now just looking at it…and thinking about it…and thinking about it…and looking at it!


Getting my wood cut!

Tonight I will print the plans out and take them to bed, this is what I will be dreaming about!


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