Technical Traumas And A New Look Blog

It has been a very tense week!

The reason?

Making the move to!

All you need to do is add your e-mail address to the sign up box on the left to keep receiving my updates to your inbox.

It has been nearly a year since I started blogging…and I am loving it…watching my stats and subscribers grow slowly but steadily, documenting things as they change in my life, and sharing some of my research and passions.

And then came that mystery Facebook referrer, my page views literally increased by 200% or something crazy…and I was kicking myself for not having a blog that made it super simple to click through to related posts, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

So I did it, I made the move.  It’s the same web address, but you won’t receive e-mail updates from me unless you enter an e-mail address in the sign up box on the right hand side, but I will still be there in your reader.

Please join me again…And please bear with me while my page looks less than dazzling while I recover from all of the technical traumas!!

Wild And Wisdom xx


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