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Wild and wisdom is my passion.  A passion for information, explanation and clarity.  In my early twenties I embarked upon a mission to clean up my skincare routine in an attempt to try and clean up my skin, without realising, it was a mission that would creep into all areas of my life.

When I became pregnant, this passion struck more aggressively than ever.  Like many mums to be, I read everything I could.  One book in particular ‘“The Politics Of Breastfeeding” stirred such emotion that I felt compelled to share the things I had learnt.  The problem with breastfeeding being so emotive meant this was a scary task.

So here I am, I want to share with you the things that I feel are too important to be overlooked, and things that might just make you take an alternative path.  I never want to be judgmental or critical of your choices, but I truly believe that armed with a little bit of information and the passion it can incite, you might get as carried away as me.

The things that I love…breastfeeding, baby led weaning, attachment parenting, baby wearing, co-sleeping, natural beauty, DIY beauty, clean living and my family.

Before I became a mum to my baby boy, I worked for the NHS.  As one of less than 30 Ocularists in the country I worked to hand craft individual, bespoke, artificial eyes for patients whose lives had been forever changed by some trauma.

My lovely husband is the most brilliant geek, he busily does his entrepreneurial thing just outside of Silicon Valley.  We live an unconventional marriage, separated by many years in age, and often times separated by the Atlantic ocean.  But it works for us.

Most tellingly about me is that I like to start all of my posts in a notebook, using my favourite spiral pencil.  While my brain is trying hard to embrace the technology of the future, my core lies in that which is more basic, simple almost primitive.


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