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Nursing At Sixteen Months, Feeling The Pressure!

messy play

Where are my boobs??

Entering into the world of extended breastfeeding wasn’t as terrifying as you might imagine.

The little guy gradually started nursing less often, it became more about comfort and less about quantity. Nursing seemed confined to home, perhaps it was boredom feeding, more often than not it was me using my milk to get him to settle for sleep. We were rarely feeding on the run or while out and about because the world is so much more exciting to look at than the same old boobs!

At sixteen months old, breastfeeding a fully fledged toddler with twelve teeth and a few words in his vocabulary seems perfectly normal to both of us. To close friends and family, it isn’t that strange either, maybe just a little bit, but not strange enough for them to question me about my choice.

And then totally out of the blue, in the middle of a busy playgroup, he came running over to me and began tugging at my shirt. Of course without thinking, we started feeding perched on a windowsill. I looked out across the room to watch the other kids splattering shaving creme and glitter up the walls and all of a sudden…there they were

Two women, crossed arms, staring at me feeding my toddler!

Probably for the first time in my breastfeeding experience, I felt slightly awkward!

It occurred to me that they may find the whole scene slightly awkward…embarrassing…odd?!?

Anyway, not one to be deterred, I gave myself a quick reality check, flashed them a big smile and a giggle and carried on.

A recently published report came to mind, one stating that the confidence of a mother may affect breastfeeding success. The Journal of Advanced Nursing published a report that found that mothers who are more extroverted and less anxious are more likely to breastfeed and to continue to breastfeed than mothers who are introverted or anxious. (Source: Wiley)

So do you feel that a mums personality may go some way towards her breastfeeding success and longevity?

I certainly felt a fleeting pang of embarrassment, but another mum may have been totally mortified and quit breastfeeding then and there.

Generally, I feel inclined to disagree with the findings of the report, that less confident personality traits mean breastfeeding failure is imminent. Myself, the shyest, most private kind of mother, I became totally liberated by the experience of breastfeeding, and make a point of publicly feeding with the hope of inspiring another shy mum to do the same for her child.

I do agree that emotional stability is a more likely contributing factor, health professionals need to tune into all of these underlying personality traits in order to offer the best support and advice.

Let me know about your experience, are you shy, did it affect your confidence to breastfeed, did you lose all inhibitions to do what you felt had to be done?  I also did some research into the benefits of breast milk past one year which you can read here.


Making My Grand Return, Toddler In Tow.


It has been two months since my last post. A lot has happened. Such a short space of time in which so much has changed, and life marches on leaving you struggling in the ripples it leaves behind.

Just a couple of months ago, life was a different entity all together. A trauma involving a good friend became my priority, she needed me, so I had to be there with my full focus. Then the more trivial bits…some major home improvements, a case of foot and mouth, a very poorly little guy, and all of a sudden I realised just how much time had passed.

So after my disappearance, I am easing back into the all consuming world of blogging with a nice simple post. If I don’t do this one, I have a feeling that three months, then six months then a year may pass with my blog gathering dust.

My sixteen month old little guy is a fully fledged toddler, he has dropped a nap, he sleeps slightly better at night (one feed instead of four!) and he gets VeRy bored indoors, no longer content to play with a few toys on the lounge floor!

Day to day at the moment involves constantly entertaining, stimulating and interacting with a very inquisitive and hands on little guy with the attention span of a goldfish. Playgroups, messy play, animals, art exhibitions, swimming, anything to keep him occupied.

…but it has been really rewarding.

Seeing him understand how to handle a paintbrush and splodge paint around, hold a stick of chalk and make shapes on the chalk board, sit at his little table and tap on his keyboard making phone calls on a remote control, playing with the contents of his mini kitchen.

My favourite time is letting him play while exploring textures, that’s why I love painting, play dough, salt dough, sand and water. Over the next few posts I will post up a few really simple recipes for totally edible and homemade art ideas.

I hope you have fun getting mucky…

P.S. We are still breastfeeding!!

Packing Away A Few Memories…Bye Bye Breast Pump!


It’s a sad(ish) day! I have just packed away the breast pump and the steriliser bits.

While there is plenty of milk still flowing, the breast pump just isn’t collecting as well as it used to. My milk donation days are up, and the steriliser needs an industrial de-scaling. It doesn’t seem worth it for 4 pacifiers!

So a clean up was in order, of all those things collected over the last year, the essentials…that never got used, and all those newborn inserts that had long be discarded.

Just one brown box. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t stay, it needs to find another home and luckily we have a friend of a friend with twins ever grateful for anything going spare. I am not the most sentimental of people, so I applied my ruthless streak to all those wonderful baby memories and got packing!

Imagine opening this box of treats when the time comes, if you are blessed with another baby. Will I want new things for the new arrival, or will I be as thrifty as I was with my first and revel in how little I need to buy the second time around?

For that reason I packed everything beautifully, wrapped, cleaned, polished and labelled so neatly that it would be a kind of tombola, a lucky dip, reaching in and discovering it all again.

Bye bye baby days! Hello to my grown up tiny guy!

It got me thinking about how differently we all approach ‘stuff’…I have friends who see the value in pre-loved everything, some who spent a small fortune on the nursery, some with homes full to the rafters with toys, and others whole lot more frugal.

Honestly, I felt a bit guilty that I didn’t buy more new stuff when he was born, so I had a little splurge on a few nice bits and then felt guilty about that.

I never felt guilty about splurging on Dino!

2 foot tall fun…for mummy!

Anyway, if the next time comes, I will be armed and ready to pump and freeze all of the milk that got wasted first time round. There was so much milk at the beginning I just didn’t know what to do with it all!
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