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The Little Helper Kitchen Tower Unveiled.


So here it is…the kitchen helper in its almost final incarnation!

After a total of EIGHT coats of primer, paint and varnish, it finally stands proudly in the kitchen.

The little guy knew straight away how to climb the ladder at the side, and once up on his shelf, he started clapping his hands…congratulating himself, or possibly me, on our achievements!

Then, with his hands on the top bar he started shaking the whole thing a bit too vigorously! Now I can see why those anti tip feet are pretty vital to the construction.  They are all put together, just not painted, I must get them fitted ASAP.

Something that the plan didn’t incorporate, was any kind of safety or support enclosing the upper part of the tower. The Idea of the large opening is that your little helper can find their own way up onto the platform, climbing in though the nice big space.  But once inside, my guy has a tendency to forget he is up high on his new platform.  I need to come up with a removable idea, just to keep him safe while he is learning about his new space.  Any ideas??

For now I will keep a close eye on him, keep the kitchen door shut when I am not in there, and get the anti-tip feet painted and fitted.


Under construction.

The idea is both common sense and Montessori inspired, helping your little person to help themselves.  I hope that he can join in with the family at the counter top, he can start practising his chopping, mixing, washing and drying with the adults so that he can get a little bit more involved in everyday activities.

For now he will just be eating everything in his reach…and making a whole lot of soapy mess!


Breakfast at the counter.


Making a soapy mess!


Banana attack.

If you fancy a go at making your own kitchen helper tower, have a look at the plans on the AnaWhite website.  Her plans are really detailed down to the complete cut list for your wood.  She has some great ideas and hundreds of other plans varying in difficulty.  I think I might have a go at making his little bed next!!

Has anyone else made anything like this before, how has it worked out in your kitchen?  Let me know


My Own Kitchen Helper


Pinterest is such an inspiring platform, from toddler activities to hair-do ideas, home crafting, cake baking and room decorating, one pin leads you on a journey of discovery to as many ideas as your brain can handle. I am a little hooked!

While I was searching for montessori style practical life ideas, I spotted something in the background of one kitchen. It was a wooden step stool on a grand scale, like a personal kiddie castle, enclosed on all sides and perfect for raising any little guy to task alongside you in safety in the kitchen.

After a little Googling, I found the exact stepping stool in question.

The The Learning Tower by Little Partners.

At £100 ($200) it seemed a little expensive, maybe there was a more reasonably priced alternative.

…A little more Googling and I realised it was a fairly unique product.  A few other products, like the FunPod by Little Helper, the Guidecraft Kitchen Helper,  were almost as expensive as the Learning Tower, but in my opinion, not terribly attractive.

But I wanted one now, should I buy it?

Of course not…

Not when there is MDF in the world!

DIY isn’t my strong point, I like to think it is, but it is a bit like baking, I try really hard and the results never reflect my efforts. But I am determined to make this work, the wood is cut, it is laid out ready for assembly, I am now just looking at it…and thinking about it…and thinking about it…and looking at it!


Getting my wood cut!

Tonight I will print the plans out and take them to bed, this is what I will be dreaming about!